DC Alumni Messages and Notes

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April 6, 2014:

Randolph Finder writes:

I have created a Wikipedia page about Dominican College athttps://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dominican_College_of_Racine . At this point, everything is referenced from documents from the Wisconsin Historical Society. I’d love to see it improved.


July 29, 2012:

Tom Herstedt ’65 writes:

Did you know that Sr.D’s new book on the History of the Racine Dominicans is now available as a NOOK Book?  Please pass the word.


June 7, 2012:

Raymond Kroll writes:

Looking for a class ring around early 70’s graduation to replace or copy for my brother who graduated but lost his. Any leads would be much appreciated.414 744-6992


January 7, 2012:

Kathleen Karbowski Weigand ’65 writes:

Does anyone have contact with or have information about Kate Cassidy?  For some reason she is showing up in my half-awake hours.


December 13, 2011:

Jim Stewart ’71 writes:

Mike Garrett had kidney cancer surgery Nov 22. While the surgery was effective for the cancer, Mike’s heart could not withstand the rigors of the recovery.  Last night Mike suffered severe heart failure.

In lieu of flowers or gifts, please donate to any charity in his name. This Christmas season is so very hard on so many that even a santa gift would be so much more appreciated than flowers.


June 5, 2011:

Larry Yeisley ’73 writes:


To everyone who reads this web page, I would like to encourage you to become a booster and send a few dollars to Larry Nybo to keep this site running. I know I enjoy being able to keep up with people and happenings from our DC days/colleagues. Heck 5 or 10 bucks from each of us can keep this site going. Thanks, Nybs, for keeping the website going.


March 30, 2011:

Pat O’Connor ’64 writes:


Hello, former ’64 classmates and friends! Have tried to get in touch over the years. Yesterday, a friend suggested that I Google DC, Racine and here I am. Such a computer genius {I am.} Where are ’64 classmates, as I’ve noticed there are few names listed. Hope to get in touch w/Jerry – enjoyed your posting – Tom, etc. Hope all are well. Pat O’Connor


March 30, 2011:

Michael Freeman writes:


I’ve come across a book, The Popes on Youth, with a stamp of Dominican Fathers, Dominican College, Racine, Wisconsin, on the inside, as well as the signature of Wm. B. Murphy, OP. I’m not sure how or when we got this book, but I would be happy to give it to anyone who may have an interest. Please email me at freeman.michael2@gmail.com and I will respond. Thank you.


March 25, 2011:

Paul Gray ’74 writes:


I wanted to let the class of 74 know that my Brother Brian Gray, also the class of 74, passed away yesterday 3/24/2011 in his sleep. Survived by his wife Diane, also of Dominican College, and his 3 beautiful children, Bridget, Patrick and Devon. May Brian rest in Peace.


December 8, 2010:

John Moss ’76 writes:


Does anyone know the whereabouts of Pamela Grothaus, Chicago Heights, IL and Mary Ford, Phil, PA?


October 5, 2010:

Denny Corr ’72 writes:


Sister Regina recent hospice patient at Siena Center.  Able to take visitors and messages.


September 8, 2010:

Tom Tonneson ’72 writes:


I have retired after 30+ years with the Univ. of Wisconsin System and 5 years as a history/social studies teacher at Waukesha South HS.  I have begun a new business, CAPS (College Admissions Pathways), that works with high school-age children and their parents on the entire college search and admissions process, including standardized test preparation and financial aid.  Check out my website at:  www.caps2college.com  Thanks!!


June 4, 2010:

Madonna “Toddy” Smith Toomey ’76 writes:


I am the mummy and Joan Kelly is the other person in all of the feathers!  I can not believe I’ve missed all of these reunions.  Please let me know when the next one is for 2010.  I might not have known a lot of you, but I am sure there a many memories.  Can hardly wait!!!


November 24, 2009:

Barry Ruppert, brother of Robert Clyde Ruppert ’72 writes:


As Robert’s youngest brother,I just came across this website and wanted all of his DC classmates to be aware he passed away on 8/1/96. Had this organization been active before his death he certainly would have been an active particpant. He loved his years at DC. I recall he was active in the Young Republicans Club and was a History/Spanish major. Before his passing away he worked in Washington D.C. for a congressman and then for United Airlines. If any of you remember my dear brother and would like to shoot me an email abut any memories, I would be grateful. God bless all of you. Barry Ruppert   bruppert@glenbrook.k12.il.us


November 8, 2009:

Oscar Allen ’73 writes:


My apology for not being able to make the reunions past but I will make the effort next time. Sister Gabriel, I will always be grateful for your instruction. God Bless!


October 26, 2009:

Denny Corr ’72 writes:


Thanks to all alumni we collected over $9,000.00 for the sisters at the 2009 reunion.



October 23, 2009:

Denise Schwartz ’74 writes:


A few of us are thinking of going for a long weekend to Las Vegas next October.  If anyone is interested, I’ll look into a bigger group rate!  Just e-mail me with your thoughts or suggestions!  Anyone is welcome!


October 3, 2009:

Peg Lane ’69 writes:


What a great showing for the class of 69! Denny and Scoop and others from 72 and 73, thanks for the stories I hadn’t heard of the Sears Tower, etc. and sassy Mo. And Thanks A Bunch for a great day! Sister Gabriel, I look forward to your memoirs. What a life of activism you have led!


September 24, 2009:

Georgeann Brown ’72 writes:


Thanks to Denny and Char. A ton of work but let it be known that it was all worth it because we all had a blast. Good to see all the “pub crawlers” from so long ago.



September 22, 2009:

Tom Tonnesen ’72 writes:


A big “THANK YOU” to Denny and Charlene Corr for all their work in organizing the reunion.  How nice to see old friends like Ken and Kathy Sadowski, Bob and Meg Gintoft, Mike Dolan, John Duchac, Randy Johnson, Charmaine Ghidara, Colleen Sullivan, Lynn Lazarra (sp?), Sister Gabriel, and countless others.  The group walk along the wooded paths from the Siena Center to the Dominican bluff was a true “memory jogger.”


September 15, 2009:

Denny Corr ’72 writes:


A camera was left behind at 2009 Reunion.  Sisters are holding it at Siena Center.


September 15, 2009:

Denise Schwartz ’74 writes:


Thank you, Denny & Company for arranging a fabulous reunion! The people, the place, the food & the glorious weather were absolute perfection!


September 15, 2009:

Sue Bogacki Hutsebaut ’74 writes:


Great Reunion!!!  Thanks to everyone who worked so hard to put this together. And whoever ordered the perfect weather…nice job!


September 14, 2009:

Gerard Makovec ’73 and Barb Makovec ’74 write:


Thanks to everyone who made the golf outing, post-golf festivities and the reunion possible.  We had a wonderful time!  Barb & Scoop


August 24, 2009:

Larry Haskin ’73 writes:


Thanks to Denny Corr for organizing the reunion– we know it’s been a ton of work. Spread the word to anyone with a Dominican connection. Let’s pack the Sienna Center on September 12th!


August 24, 2009:

Denise Schwartz ’74 writes:


Thanks, Linda! Those are exactly the roads I’ll be on & I always wait til the last minute to leave.  Se you soon!


August 22, 2009:

Linda Yoshioka ’74 writes:


FYI: Anyone traveling to the reunion in September allow extra travel time coming from the Chicago area to Racine. Tons of construction on 294 and 94…Last week it took us 4 hours to get to Milwaukee which normally is 2 hours.



August 18, 2009:

Ernie Ricci ’71 writes:



July 31, 2009:

Jim Spicuzza ’73 writes:


I see Jim Sharp’s email address has expired. Does anyone know his new (email) address?
Jim Spicuzza


June 15, 2009:

Teresa Patterson writes:


I need help finding friends of my mom Jane Kibling.  My mom attended Dominican College in 1952-53.  Her one friend was her roomate—Cyrilla Abler.  And her other friend was Kathy Nelson (Nelson may not be her maiden name).  If you can help me find these two friends I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you.



Teresa tkibling13@hotmail.com


May 21, 2009:

Robert Lamb, EdD writes:


I was stationed in Washington D.C. in the AF with John Bunic.  He and I became members of the Bugle Corps Jazz Band under the direction of Bob Felder.  Bob was an arranger for the corps.  John was a great fellow.  Always very quiet and unassuming.  I was saddended to learn of his death?.


May 19, 2009:

Jim Stewart ’71 writes:


Nazar called… wants to know what hotel we will be staying at for the reunion…. What are the recommendations ?.


January 22, 2009:

Denice Schwartz ’74 writes:


Even though it’s not until September, I’m really looking forward to the REUNION! This will be my 1st DC reunion so I can’t wait to see some familiar faces.  If I can help in anyway from Chicago, just let me know.


December 24, 2008:

Natalie Jackiemow ’73 writes:


I wish each of you a healthy, safe, and happy holiday season.


November 7, 2008:

Richard Jamieson ’69 writes:


Does anyone have a current e-mail address for DON RUHL ’69? the one on the roster came back undeliverable.


September 26, 2008:

Len Fisk ’73 writes:


Anyone know what happened to Colleen Andrews “72?


July 27, 2008:

Patty Inzeo Fettes ’70 writes:


Hi to all,  Bob and I are still “up north” and thinking that retirement is next on the agenda.  A HUGE reunion would be fun!


March 24, 2008:

Sue (Szaflarski) Vehlow ’72 writes:


Hi all — I am looking for any info regarding Debbie Bello – I don’t believe she graduated from DC, but she attended for a while.  We were close friends and I would love to contact her.  I thought I heard she was in Ohio — any leads?


February 19, 2008:

Wendy Quirk-Schuett ’68 writes:


Where are you?  Pat Fisher Kais, Maureen Mahoney, Kathy Olsen, Jean Barkei, Camille D’Alise Hallinan, Mary Patt Atkins Kennedy, Lynn Valters, Mary Jill Becker, Janet Kaminski Holmes,Gretchen Kolberg Dinkleman, Marion Crawley, Bernadette and Molly?  Pat Rodick? Pam Gewalt? Eileen McGrath? Jim Basil, Jim Hamilton and Mike Donahue? Marty Putz?  John Sullivan, of basketball fame…along with Rick Kais, Roy Hagen, Mike Iguldon (sp), Dan Fetes.  And “Murphy” the artistic one…so many more. I have kept in touch with Lauren.  Saw E. J. Boyance, Marlene Pilarski many years ago, during summer school at Cardinal Stritch College.  I hope to hear back from some of you, now that I’ve discovered Dominican’s website…actually, I didn’t.  Tom, my husband, did, as he was sure he remembered Bo Ryan of UW as having been at Dominican.  I also remember Coach Fischer and Paul Pryor, the major league baseball ump.


January 16, 2008:

Jim Stewart ’71 writes:

Kick Kancer in the Kister Klub!

The Phi Omega Psi guys are asking for all to join our Klub.
Our Brother Tom Fitzsimons is kicking the krap out of brain cancer.  Membership in this exclusive Klub is : 1) Pray for Tom , his family and medical team  and  2) Send him an email .

( Sorry about this KKKK title , but I had to keep it clean )


December 19, 2007:

Natalie (Jakiemow) Limpel ’73 writes:

As we start a New Year, we hope each of you take the opportunity during the holiday season to relax and spend time with family and friends enjoying love and laughter. Its also a good time to remember how fortunate we are to live in these United States of America. While no place on Earth my be perfect, we do have much to be thankful for, living in this land of plenty.

Andy and I will like to wish you all a Merry Christmas, and may the New Year bring you health, blessings and prosperity.

December 19, 2007:

Jim Stewart ’71 writes:

First – a Merry Merry and a Cool Yule to All my DC Family.

Second – Sarge, as my people have traditionaly been “Food” to the Ostrogoths, Vandals or Huns etc. We prefer to use the term “Run – Save your self” at this time of year.


December 17, 2007:

Paul Gray ’74 writes:

Wishing everyone & their Families a Merry Christmas and a Prosperous & Happy New Year; No word on another Reunion for the Summer of 08?  Paul G

December 17, 2007:

John “Sarge” Thielmann ’74 writes:

To all alumni & alumnae and their families. May you all have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New year. May your stress levels be low, your family gatherings memorable (in a good way), may we not have to shovel any more snow before Christmas Day, and may shopping not turn us into marauding Visigoths (if you are of Visigoth descent, feel free tosubstitute Ostrogoths, Vandals or Huns).

Frohe Weihnachten!

November 3, 2007:

Sara Falci, daughter of Theresa Andrea and David Crewe ’50 writes:

My parents both attended the OLD Dominican College. My mother is Theresa Andrea & my father is David Crewe. They both attended for 2 years, 1948-49 & 1949-50. They asked me if I could get any info on fellow classmates of that time. Thank you for your time. Sara Falci.  Please write tosfalci@yahoo.com

November 1, 2007:

Tom Fitzsimons ’75 writes:

I have been curious to find out what Alex Korff is now doing. I found that there is an Alex Korff who was teaching English at Mahidol University in Thailand. Does anyone know if that is OUR Alex Korff?

October 26, 2007

Jim Stewart  ’74 sent the following article:


The Business Journal of Milwaukee

Former Racine college dorms to be converted to condos

– by Pete Millard

Two dormitories at the former Dominican College of Racine will be demolished to make way for a $16 million luxury condominium development in Caledonia.

John Shaw, president of Shaw Development Group, Middleton, plans to complete his acquisition of the 2-acre property in late 2007 and begin demolition and construction in spring of 2008 on the 48-unit condo project. Shaw is purchasing the land from Legacy Development Co., Racine. He would not disclose the price of the property.

The old Dominican College of Racine dormitories were once used by Western Publishing Co. as office space for the book publisher’s creative center. Western Publishing moved out of the dorms more than 10 years ago.

The Dominican College of Racine was closed by the Roman Catholic church’s Dominican Order in 1974. The former college campus was owned at one time by Northwestern Mutual. In the late 1970s, part of the campus was purchased by the village of Caledonia and converted into the Olympia Brown elementary school.



October 13, 2007

Nazar B. Bombazutti  ’74 writes:

I had dinner the other night with Jimmy Stewart at TAIF (Thank Allah is friday). I showed him pictures of me and my roommate Jim Kane. I go now and leave you with this thought…..”May the fleas of 1,000 camels infect the armpits of your enemy”

October  9, 2007:

Ron Scarcelli ’71 writes:

Nazar was an enrolled as well as enthralling member of Dominican.
Also, does anyone have pictures or any knowledge of what happened to UNCLE VINTY???

September  26, 2007:

Jim Stewert ’71 writes:

Nazar Question?

I am suposed to have dinner next week with Nazar. Does anyone remember him in any class? I’ve been checking my photo archives and misc keepsakes  and I think Nazar was just a DC groupie!
If anyone remembers him as a roommate ( not just a “guest”) or actualy being in a class ,please let me know.

July 31, 2007

AnnElise (Szymczyk) Clark ’74 writes:

Rosemary (Fenning)Gebhart is visiting with Tom and me and just told us about the website.  Wanted to let you know that the unknown coed2 was Mary Beth Pinyard.

Another unknown that said John ? was John Sazama


July 29, 2007

Michael Rondone  ’73 writes:

Hey fellow classmates. I saw Steve Jansta at Italian fest last nite. He told me about this site and about the golf outing. I am sorry it took me 34 years to see how everybody is doing. But at least I am here now. Hopefully I will get to see some of you at the golf outing and in the future. Talk to you all soon, missing you, Mike Rondone!


June 8, 2007

The Real Nazar B. Bombazutti  ’74 writes:

Miss you all. Great to see all the photos and posts on here. Excellent site!  But I must convey a very special hello to the one who’s been impersonating me here on this message board (and no, that’s not my email address down there either. Jim Kane won’t let me have one.  So I have to use Jim’s to say hello to all of you).  Hello to all of you.   Love, Nazar.all!


May 18, 2007

Gil Niesen ’67 writes:

Please add Kathleen (Casey) May – Niesen class of  ’66  and my name to the list.  Casey and I were married in ’66 and are retired living in Waupaca, WI.  Thanks and best wishes to all!

May 13, 2007

Jack Albert ’72 writes:

I just want to say a warm hello to any of my friends from the Dominican College days. They were some of the best memories of my my life. So pleased I attended there with some great professors and a number of real friendships.  In some ways I wish that I was back there right now, with the same innocence, ideals and energies. Jack

May 13, 2007

“Sarge” Thielmann ’74 writes:

If it is BBQ, he’s got a lot of nerve hiding behind his real name.  “But don’t get mad. N-o-o-o-o-o-o.”

May 12, 2007

Jim Stewart ’71 writes:

Dr. Paul ??? BOBER


BBQ – is that you…

May 10, 2007

Dr. Paul William Bober ’73 writes:


Phi Omega Psi, Sir

May 5, 2007

Jim Spicuzza ’73 writes:

Due to schedule conflicts at Johnson Park this year’s golf outing is scheduled for Friday September 14th (not the 7th as originally planned) . I hope everyone is still available and can participate. I will reserve 6 foursomes and can add more depending on response …hope you are all well and look forward to seeing everyone again …  please use my home email (spicuzza@wi.rr.com) if you want to contact me. Thanks again …Jim Spicuzza


March 15, 2007

Ron Scarcelli ’74 writes:

Nazar!!!  I used your name as my screen name at least a dozen places…. sorry if that got you into any trouble 😉

Check out Rick Reilly’s article in one of the January Sports Illustrated about Bo and the Badgers. Makes a couple of references to DC’s baseball team. GREAT ARTICLE!!


March 9, 2007

Paul Gray ’74 writes:

Sure would like to do another reunion sometime in 2008, the 30 year reunion was fantastic but too short. A huge Bar-B-Que on the old campus on a Saturday would be great.  Lets see if there is any interest!


February 26, 2007

Tom Herstedt ’65 writes:

If anyone knows the whereabouts of Robert Karis who graduated in the early ’60s please give him my e-mail address and ask him to contact me.  I believe his younger sister was also a DC grad, but I have no idea what her name is.


January 12 2007

Laura Gutman ’74 writes:

Check out ISHAYOGA.ORG. There is a guru there that will have you questioning if he is the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. Attend his Inner Engineering class if you want to expand your mind, soul and heart. Let me know what you think.


Peace. Laura Louise

December 19, 2006

Natalie (Jakiemow) Limpel ’73 writes:

From our Family to yours,  best wishes  for a safe and wonderful Holiday Season. May the New Year bring you an abundance of  health, happiness and peace.

All the best for the year 2007


Andy and Natalie

December 14, 2006

Paul Gray ’74 writes

To all Lakers Alums,  I wish a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to you and your families.  Glad to hear Big John will be enjoying the Holidays at home and good luck for the New Year.

December 11, 2006

Patty (Farrell) Stewart ’73 writes

I was so glad to know that John Tyson was recovering and going home. I kept him in my prayers after I read that he was so ill. Good luck John!

December 10, 2006

John “Sarge” Thielmann ’74 writes:

He didn’t make a big deal of it. Heck, he wasn’t even aware of it until a friend congratulated him. Its worth noting here; however, that Bo Ryan notched the 500th win of his head coaching career at the end of November. He can talk about being lucky with the players he’s had to work with, but even the best college players need a good coach to help maximize their talents and opportunities, both on and off the court. From UW-Platteville to UW-Milwaukee to UW-Madison, Bo has been one of those coaches. Congratulations, Bo, and keep it up.

November 23, 2006

Natalie (Jakiemow) Limpel ’73 writes:

As we sit down to gobble up the Turkey and all the trimmings, let us not forget what Thanksgiving is all about. It’s  time to give  thanks for the family and friends we have,  for without their support and understanding out lives would not be the same.   Let us be thankful for the great country we live in, and the freedoms we enjoy, for the brave soldiers who are fighting for those freedoms.   Andy and I wish all of you a Peaceful and  Happy Thanksgiving, and we ask that you remember those let fortunate in this world.  Please take time to enjoy the company of love ones and  take time to reflect on the good around us.

Best Wishes,
Andy and Natalie Limpel

November 23, 2006

John “Sarge” Thielmann ’74 writes:

Nazar! Good to hear from you. Do you still have the trophy from the limbo contest at the Rathskeller? Man, I didn’t think the human body could do what you did. I had a photo that last pass under the bar. If I can find it, its going on this site. I know I have the photo of my flat-black refridgerator with all the names painted on in flourescent water colors. Yours is dead center. Looked really cool under a black-light.  Sarge

November 8, 2006

Natalie (Jakiemow) Limpel ’73 writes:

Hi Nazar, I do remember you,  how can anybody forget that name. How are you??? Where have you been all these years?  I remember being at that party, and yes you were kind of sick, poor Sue, she had to clean up after you. Do you still keep in touch with her?  Wish you would of gotten in touch sooner,  you could of attended the big all DC reunion, or the golf outing this past fall. I know many of the alumni would love to see you again.  Keep in touch, Natalie

November 7, 2006

Nazar Bombazuti (unknown class year) writes:

My Bad , I realize that my email address did not cut n paste.  Please mail me IMNAZAR@aol.com. sorry for mass confusion.  Nazar

October 31, 2006

Nazar Bombazuti (unknown class year) writes:

Hello DC people. It is me Nazar  Bombazuti , that’s Na as in NA  zar as ZAR Bombazuti.  I have now internet and would much like to remember my many good times with my DC friends.  My internet mail name is IMNazar@email.oui (get it….I am Nazar.  I am still funny guy). I think I went with girl named Sue to party in dorm, got sick as pig on beer.  I am still sorry Sue.  I worked on play with someone named John – big guy . I remember the time Stewart and Gilispie painted me blue and left me in Racine. what good times. police loved it.  I wait now for your reply..

May 24, 2006:

John Tyson writes:

We are finally opening our restaurant today 5-24-2006.  We should have the Beach House open in 2 months and the winery, next door, will be open when we get our federal bottling license.  If you’re planning on being in the Tampa, St. Pete area please give me a call at 727-481-4817.  I’ve been known to buy a few drinks.  I look forward to hearing from you.

December 23, 2005:

Gerry Monday ’64 writes:

I just saw the web site today and would love to get included in the alumni listing. I guess I never thought to look for it due to the fact that we closed in 1974 and the internet never came to life until the 90’s. I never suspected that there would be anyone around to breathe life back into the alumni base.   I graduated from Dominican in 1964. When we started out our freshman year (Sept 1960) it was the first year at the new campus. For the first few weeks we had several classes out under the trees, because the rooms were not ready. I commuted every day from Milwaukee because there were no dorms at the time.  I was president of the student body in the 1963-64 school year. Later, in 1969-72, I was president of the alumni association.  I used to work a lot with Larry Zeeb (VP of Development), and would love to know if anyone is aware of where he might be today.  Just last year we had lunch with Bob Maushammer and Jim Hesse, fellow ’64 grads, and we talked about how nice it would be to have a reunion; never knowing that one had taken place. All 3 of us are still married to the women we dated while at Dominican, although none of them are alums.  It would be great to know what has happened to our former teachers.  I happened to run into Fr Hynous about 4 years ago, and I know he keeps in touch with a few alums as well.

December 9, 2005:

Jim Stewert ’71 writes:

Hello Lakers.  Feedback on the Newsletter has been interesting.  The next issue will cover different name suggestions , ( at least the one’s I can print).  I have had some suggestions on different topics like:


ROOMMATES FROM HELL – Dorm life with “that person”  who make 25 years in a Turkish prison look good.

This was suggested by John Mikolajczyk –’72   (NOTE: John was my DC roommate (Hmmmm,,,,,wait a minute!!!   ).


Favorite DC stories:

Those little events that made life so wonderful.


What ever happened to ???

A  DC “Missing Persons” area.

March 28, 2005:

Tom Fitzsimons ’75 writes:

We would like to congratulate one of our most famous coaches, Bo Ryan, for the outstanding job he has done with the University of Wisconsin basketball team.  For those who are not following NCAA basketball, Bo took his team to the final eight in the NCAA tournament, before losing to the number one seed in the region, University of North Carolina. We hope to be able to see Bo and his lovely wife Carol Kelly Ryan at a Dominican event sometime in the future.   In the meantime, Bo, congratulations. We are all very proud of you.


March 16, 2005:

Jim Spicuzza ’73 writes:

OK … it’s that time of year to start thinking about golf and this year’s DC open!   This year’s event is scheduled for Friday September 9th at Johnson Park in Racine WI … I will reserve the necessary tee times a bit later after hearing from you all … hope all can make it  … I know quite a few folks at the reunion dinner last July expressed an interest in participating this year so we could have quite the gathering … so save a vacation day (or sick day) and plan on being in Racine on the 9th of September … more details about golf (and after) will follow … stay tuned!!   Let me know if you’re interested by contacting me at JSpicuzza@cdtechno.com


March 8, 2005:

Denise McCabe ’71 writes: Thanks to all those who are keeping the DC Lakers site up and running.  I really enjoy the new pictures.

December 17, 2004:

Carlos Cerda ’74 writes: “Hello & Happy Holidays to all Dominican College Alums.  It was great seeing everyone at the reunion.  For those that could not make it we all missed you.  I hope everyone had a great new year in 2004 & we can all have a better year in 2005.  Life has been good in the Cerda household.  My younger daughter was married the week after the reunion.  My wife’s cancer treatments have paid off and she is in remission.  My job seems to be going in the right direction & my health is good.  What more can I ask for?  Sometimes we get caught in the rush & seem to forget our friends, so I wanted to take this time to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas & a prosperous new year.  We all need a moment to relax and reflect on our past & future.  I feel my years at Dominican were a great life experience, and I will always remember my classmates.  I hope we can all get together again.  If anyone is ever in the Lockport Joliet area please feel free to call.  Everyone is welcome. 

Feliz Navidad.”

December 16, 2004:

Jim Stewart ’71 is seeking news stories from alumni that he can include in his first newsletter.  If you have something that we would all enjoy hearing about (recent or upcoming family events, personal activities, or just a message about contacts you may have had with other alumni), please contact Jim at oldjast@hotmail.com

December 12, 2004:

Ron Scarcelli ’74 is seeking “expressions of interest” for an annual DC Laker Vacation such as a cruise or a Las Vegas trip.  Ron writes Obviously, those people interested in a trip can help with the planning and those not interested in going in a particular year wouldn’t.  Some years it may be as small as a few couples and some years it may be closer to the reunion dinner.”  Please contact Ron atrscarcelli@jesuittampa.org if you are interested.