Dominican College of Racine Alumni Virtual Campus “Father Riley’s Mission”

Father Riley in Nigeria
DC Alumni: Father Riley needs our help.
After our recent reunion, Barb Kovats Tuttle emailed Fr. Edward Riley, O.P., who was one of the priests at Dominican College from 1962 to 1965.  He now is in Nigeria, Africa.  Fr. Riley’s reply to Barb is as follows:
Dear Barb, As you know, my main work is helping the poor, and at present, I’m looking for people who might be willing to make a contribution to help the poor in Nigeria. My resources have dwindled in the last couple of years because of the death of my biggest benefactor.
I was wondering if you would be willing to forward an appeal to the Dominican College alumni whose email addresses you have (and to anyone else you might be willing to contact).
If I send the emails directly, it will probably go into their spam because my address is not in their contacts list and because emails about money coming from Nigeria are often suspect.
I’m glad you enjoyed the reunion, and I hope I’ll be there for the next one.
God bless.         
Fr. Riley
As all of you know, DC Alumni have had little or no opportunities to donate to our alma mater.  Here is a rare chance for us to show our benevolence and school spirit by helping Fr. Riley’s cause as if it were our own. 
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