Dominican College of Racine Alumni Virtual Campus “Sr. Dolores’s Book on Racine Dominicans”

Sr. Dolores Enderle (formerly Sr. Andre) has good news! She has been working on a history of the Racine Dominicans — and she’s finished it! Here is what she said in a recent statement:
“You might be interested in learning that I have just finished a volume of the history of the Racine Dominicans, 1901-1964. It’s called A Time to Grow.  I expect that it will be published by Author House by Christmas. Part of the book has the history of the founding of the college from its beginnings in 1935 as St. Albertus until it became Dominican College and moved into the building by the lake. It has a photo of Sister Rosita and Sister Samuel (Marie Van Dyke) and Sister Mary Chris Prince (formerly Sr. Christopher) in it and tells about some of the social justice work of the students in the early sixties. I’ll send you a brochure if I get one put together one of these days.  Sister Rosita was always after me to write the college history. This is as close as I could get. Even though we closed in 1974, I keep meeting our graduates and am proud to know that we had at least a little to do with their becoming such fine people and community leaders.”
If you would like to drop a line to Sr. Dolores offering your congratulations, her email address