Dysart’s Mother Slept On The Couch, So King, Could Have Her Bed For The Night.

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Martin Luther King, Jr. From an Augustana University history professor, to the grandson of the man who took him into his home when King, visited here in the 1960s, they all agree, now is the time to unify this city more than ever and celebrate him with more than just a day off. “That’s what’s really wrong with Sioux Falls, as far as the movement,” said Paul Dysart, Jr., founder of Sing, Sioux Falls, Sing. http://amberstar.tv/happycamdenwells/2017/01/03/in-depth-reports-diagnosis-and-misdiagnosis-diabetes-diagnosis-and-misdiagnosis-in-depth-report-detailed-report-on-diabetes-misdiagnoses-rare-curable-types-and-less-common-diagnostic-issues/“No one wants to move. We just need to get up off our butts and get together and find out what needs to happen.” Dysart explained how his grandfather brought King, Jr. into his home in the 1960s, when King visited the area. Dysart’s mother slept on the couch, so King, could have her bed for the night. He was slated to speak at the Cataract Hotel but the hotel refused to let him have a room there. “It’s ridiculous,” Dysart said. “And it wasn’t that long ago.” Former legislative candidate Clara Hart agrees, that with the social movements happening now, King’s dreams can’t fall by the wayside.

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