Reunion Comments

The 30 YEAR  ALL CLASS  REUNION  was held at the Racine Marriott on July 10, 2004.  There were 165 alumni and faculty and 37 non-alumni guests and spouses.  By most accounts, it was an evening that will be remembered for some time to come.  The appreciation expressed by so many was heart-warming, but the magic of the event belonged to those in attendance who came for the past memories and left with new ones.   Check out the comments and pictures I have received so far.<>

Comments from alumni, faculty, and guests who attended the 2004 DC all class reunion on July 10, 2004
Sister Regina Williams:   “It was such a spectacular evening, a huge success! Personally, the experience was heart- warming!  To meet former students each one unique and wonderful!  Oh, If only I could have had at least an hour with each one. Two days have passed and I an still walking on cloud 9.  Thank you, thank you. I’ll put it in my memory bank of very, very special memories.”
Sister Gabriel Hubert:   The reunion was wonderful. You outdid yourself in honoring the faculty members.  I felt honored just to be there and enjoy all the students.”
Sister Dolores Enderly:  Thank you so much for organizing the college reunion.  I’m sure only God knows the hundreds of hours and tons of energy to make it a great event. I appreciate you making  it possible for me to be a guest.”
Therese (Borland) De Fazio:  “Thanks for allowing my husband and I to show our appreciation to the professors from DC who inspired us and influenced what we have become.  If it weren’t for…this reunion, we might never have had the opportunity to ever see them again.  Seeing our old friends was so exciting that I still can’t stop smiling as I recall the memories.”
Greta (Rademacher) Fayle:  “Now that the reunion is over, I wish that I had stayed to the very end — I just didn’t get enough of it! I had remembered all the fun times, but I had forgotten how wonderfully sweet you all were, too. I can’t believe that it is going to be a really long time before I see any of you again.”
Carol “Blinker” Gabrielson Zarnstorff:  “It was so well organized, food was great, attendance was great – it was so much fun to see all those OLD people. I hope this wasn’t a one-time thing – It could grow & grow! Again, Thank you from the bottom of my Dominican heart!
Chris (Morelli) Bell:  “The reunion was just great! I’ve been reliving it and going over conversations I had with old friends for a week now.  It went by so quickly.”
Madeleine Madsen:  “It seemed that everyone had a wonderful time.  I was especially so pleased to reunite with past friends. And hopefully this will serve to renew some old friendships.”
Mary “Hick’ (O’Hara) Patin:  “The night was unbelievable.  Who would have imagined that we would see so many alumni together again.”
Sue (Bogacki) Hutsebaut:  Even though I haven’t seen most of those people in thirty years, we talked as if we had just been together yesterday.  It was absolutely a wonderful experience.”
Al Ahrens:  Thanks for everything you did to make it such a successful event.”
Diane (Lynch) Tischart:  Wow!  A weekend to surely remember….You know a party must be good when a spouse (who did not attend DC) had a great time.  Needless to say, I enjoyed seeing so many friends and reliving old stories – I’m still talking about it.”
Jerome Grady:  We really enjoyed the whole weekend….but very happy and impressed with how classy the night was.”
John Gillespie:  “Had a blast.  I think pretty much everyone else did too.”
Linda (Rice) Yoshioka:  “There certainly was a strong feeling of Warmth throughout the room that evening!”
Rick Ryan:  “Mary Beth and I had the time of our lives Saturday nite.  Saw and spoke with so many old friends and teachers what can I say…Saturday nite is a nite I’ll take with me for many years to come.”
Sue (Szaflarski) Vehlow:  “I never laughed so hard in my life!  Recalling working in the dishroom with Dennis Corr and “MacccK” Dolan almost put me over the edge!”
Jan (Aikin) Stephens:  “Thank you so much for all you did to make the weekend the best we’ve ever had.”
Dave Stjern:  “We couldn’t have had a better time. Thanks again to all whose hard work made the weekend such a success.”
Greg Johnson:  “We certainly had a wonderful time on Saturday night. We really appreciate all of the effort that you made and would help you with the next reunion.”
Lite” Lou DeMarco:  “Wow!! What a weekend. Just like old times. It was fabulous… I saw folks I never thought I would see again.  I’m ready for another.”
Al Pelkowski:  “…it was great seeing…everyone there.  I was glad I came and I sure hope somehow we all will keep in contact. College days were crazy to say the least.”
Pat Hughes:  “I had a great time at the reunion. After seeing all the old faces it made me think of some of the people that weren’t there.”
John Tyson:  “I can’t tell you how much the reunion meant to me.  I was on an emotional roller-coaster all weekend.  In fact, I still am. Everything was more than anyone expected.  The most unforgettable weekend I have had in 30 years.” 
Jim Sharp: “It was a great time.  We need to reach everyone who went there.  Make one e-mail list and keep everyone updated.”
Mary (Kadow) Kelliher: “It was great to…experience a wonderful evening.”
Jim Spicuzza:  “It was a great weekend and everyone truly seemed to be enjoying themselves.  It was very successful.  I’ve been telling people for 30+ years that Dominican College is closed.  That’s not true; it still exists within us and among us.  The memories, experiences live on.  It was wonderful seeing everyone.”